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Grace Olivia is a London-based artist with a heart torn between the English countryside and the pavements of Paris. She uses a range of mediums, from acrylic paint to pencil to digital drawing on Procreate, depending on the subject matter and the inspiration behind a particular piece.

An ardent traveller, Grace spent three years studying in Paris and her work is partly influenced by the dreamy French artistry she absorbed during long afternoons at the Musée d’Orsay or L’Orangérie, as well as by the vibrant colours of the medinas in Morocco and the tranquil tones of Zanzibar beaches.


Through her work, Grace explores the curves of the female body, accentuating particular features through bold lines and colour in a style reminiscent of Nicky de Saint Phalle’s Nanas sculptures and Picasso’s 1932 depictions of the female nude.

Animals are Grace’s greatest love; a passion reflected in her Dogs and Beasts series, in which she experiments with different styles and mediums to create expressive portraits of various representatives of both the domestic and wild animal kingdom.


Her published works include ‘Curves’ (July 2017) and ‘Pearl la Peach’ (March 2017), which were featured in Salome Magazine.

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